Placenta Essence Mask Pack 
- Placenta Essence Mask supplies exhausted and rough skin with
  enough water through the various nutrients of Placenta(Swine), your skin
  will recover its clear and fresh with Placenta Essence Mask
- Hydrolized collagen enhance the resilience of the skin
- The various herbal extract of the root skin of Morus alba, Coix   
  aroundinacea Lam, Torilis japonica,etc. make your skin more clean and
- It contains Vitamin C, Tocoperol acetate, the extract of green tea. They act
  to protect and to keep your skin health
- Simply by applying the mask, the skin can receive direct nourishment. It is a
  sheet type functional cosmetic containing registered ingredient adenosine
  which helps improve the appearance of wrinkles
- Hydrolized collagen increases skin elasticity
- Oriental herb extracts including licorice, Morus alba, adlay, torilis extracts
  make skin brighter
- Vitamin C, tocopherol acetate, and green tea extracts protect and make the
  skin stay healthy
- KFDA/improving appearance of wrinkles/registered as functional cosmetics
- Collagen treatment for healthy and beautiful skin make the skin stay healthy
Placenta Essence Mask Pack 
Acne Care Cosmetics
Product Types
Soap, Cleanser, Toner, Acne Patch
Main Efficacy
Controling Oil, Minimizing Pore, Moisturizing, Soothing Skin and Easing Irritation
These products are good for people who:
- Have extremely dry skin
- Have oily skin and want to freshen it
- Need a light but rich moisturizer
- Want to recover their moisture balance as they age
- Seek a hypoallergenic product due to sensitive skin
Moisturizing Cosmetics
Product Types
Cream, Essence, Toner, Lotion
Main Ingredients
- Aloe Water : Contains mineral ingredients(K, Ca, Zn, Mn, etc.),
  helps keep the pH balance of skin and quickly moisturizes dry     
- Oligo Hyaluronic Acid : A natural moisturizing factor that keeps
  water molecules at 1,000 times their normal size and retains skin
  moisture by penetrating deep into the skin
- ICL Level-up Complex : Improves the elasticity of aging skin by
  increasing cell activity. Contains the three major nutrients
  (Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins) needed for cells and coenzymes.  
Wrinkle-Improving Cosmetics
Main ingredients
- Maca : High in saponin and glucosinolate,  it has an anti-tumor
  effect, improves lowered immunity, and cleanses the blood and
  improves liver function by inhibiting oxygen free radicals.
- Trifoliate Orange : Effective treatment for skin diseases such as
  eczema, atopy, etc. because it contains flavonoids
- Fruit of Rosa Davurica : A natural multivitamin, rich in flavonoids,
  provitamin A, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin K to nourish the skin.
- Nectarine : Contains sugar, vitamins, organic acid, carotenoids,
  actinidine, etc. to treat skin diseases such as atopy. 
Product Types
Cream, 3in1 Fluid, Essence, Eye Cream
Whitening Cosmetics
Product Types
Lotion, Essence, Skin, Cream
Main Ingrediants
- Lotus Extract : Effective for healthy skin because it eases and
  calms down skin irritation and stress.  
- Berries Extract : A mixed extract of antioxidant materials such as
  blueberry, cranberry, gold, etc., which protects the skin from
  oxygen free radicals
- Bellflower Extract : A new-concept whitening ingredient that
  helps maintain transparent skin because it has 10 times more
  whitening than existing ingredients.
Men's Cosmetics
Main Ingredients
- Low-alcohol and hypoallergenic detox toner : A detox toner that
  provides smooth and refreshing skin care for rough skin
- Moist detox lotion : A detox lotion that purifies men’s skin under
  stress and improves moisture and elasticity
Product Types
Essence Toner, Essence Lotion